If you are having problems with firefox addons or  you are getting the adverts only on firefox browser then he easiest way is to restet the browser to its default state. To do that follow these steps:

1. On the menu bar, click the Help menu and select...


Sublime text is really great code editor used by millions of developers, if you are one of those that you have decided to give it a try but feeling a bit lost you can get lots of information sublime text website, but one...


Drupal white screen appear on many differen scenario, some of them can be a simple fix. I am just going to list some of the senarios and their solutions.

Some pages appear as a blank white screen.

You may some pages that fail to load and appear...


Sometimes it happens that you can not remember the password on your drupal site, in those cases you can try to recover the password by requesting the details on your login page if that does not work on your case amongst other options you can always go and login to...


One of the reasons why I like php is the fact that it is really powerful and flexible language.

Today I m going to quickly show how to pass php variables to javascript, this is a small script but it can be used on big and complicated projects. As a web...


Whether you are a Drupal newcomer or a drupal expert, you're bound to run into one, some, or all of the issues outlined below. Some are obvious, some not so obvious, but I'll show you how to troubleshoot them all regardless.

Some of these issues...


It is best practice to have a copy of production site on a development server as well as on you local machine.

So if you have a few web sites that you do look after regularly, or even if you are a student or you are creating a portfolio one thing that you...


XAMPP is an easy to install software that consist of MYSQL,PHP and Perl, for more information and to download it head to this link.

Once you have installed the package the default root folder is '...


There are plenty of editors for a designer/developer to choose from, and lots of them they are really good ones, and above all that code editors are just that (code editors) and does not determined the level of knowledge of a developer, however these are tools...


Today we are presenting kosova drupal theme developed couple of years ago but that it had to go through the application process that usually takes very long, hopefully this will improve amongst drupal...