Throughout oxwebs blog you will see a mixture of short and small articles, but this is all shared knowledge that someone will find it useful. I use GIT a lot but never had any problem with .gitignore file, one day I found out that actually the files that were put in...


Welcome to responsive oxwebs. Throughout its time on the internet oxwebs has been redesigned many times, that's because the web technology moves fast and you always have to catch up with that and not fall behind. What it looked good four years ago, it...


I use sublime text 2, and I have to say I really love it, but some times ago I ran into a problem, so I had to uninstall and install it back, which would fix the issue. I noticed that by doing so it wasn’t changing any of the settings that I had previously, so hence...


If you recently migrated your site'' version control from SVN to GIT, you will have lots of folders like .svn. What you would need to do is simply remove them and commit as follows:


In drupal 7 there is a difference from drupal 6 in the way you wrap the jQuery code on your site. So to add jquery to your site first make a reference to the js file in your theme’s .info file just as usual, i.e. scripts[] = js/<filename>.js then on the file...