Web Design

Web design is usually front-end development of the website.  Once our costumers have approved the web design, we convert these graphics usually design from PSD formats (other formats as well) into XHTML and CSS.  We always hand-code the website templates in HTML and CSS, which in turns results in a website that is conforming to W3C web standard, optimised for the best possible presentation for Google and all other major search engines. Whenever we develop a website we make sure the followings:

  • All code is minimised and optmised for fast loading
  • All the repetitive content, such as navigation and copyright messages are presented last  in the footer of the website, to make sure that all content looks unique to Google
  • The code is reusable making sure that the website can be changed to fit any requirements and size of browser
  • All HTML and CSS is fully W3C valid and compatible with all major browsers
  • The website is easy to maintain using CMS (content management system) like drupal
  • Amongst many things, we use alt tags on images and all forms use label associations to make the website conform with WAI Accessibility standards Priority 2.


We Design with SEO in Mind

We design websites with SEO (search engine optimisation) in mind.  What that means is that your website will be optimised for fast loading and searchable by major search engines such us Google.